LookLook is creating its first ever proprietary Luxury Collective and we want you to be in it

You’d be a great fit if you: 

  • Are are an independent thinker and don’t mind sharing your opinions about luxury brands
  • Purchased luxury items in at least two of the following luxury categories in 2022:
    • RTW
    • jewelry/watches
    • handbags
  • Are open to sharing photos of your lifestyle with us

How will it work?

You’ll be part of a wide-ranging, diverse group of ~50 American women. It’s invite-only, so please do not forward this link. Initially it will be an independent survey, but in a few months we’ll be adding an optional forum where members can consult with one another (for ex., gift ideas around the holidays, latest insider travel recommendations, restaurant lists, etc).

Unlike other LookLook studies you may have been a part of in the past, there will be no moderating or follow-ups. We’ll ping you via text when there is a new study, which will comprise ~15 questions, and after you’ve answered the questions, you’ll receive a luxury gift in the mail about a week afterwards. Every time it will be a surprise – perhaps a Byredo candle one month, a set of Charlotte Tilbury lip glosses the next. Easy breezy!

This will start at the end of September!

Interested? Read on for more details…

Our web-based conversation tool is easy to use on your computer, phone or tablet.

This is no boring focus group! You answer questions online – on your own time – either on your computer or your mobile device. Once you answer the round of questions, you receive your gift in the mail.

Answer at your own pace

You can answer questions when you have a chance, usually over a few days, up until the study deadline. A tracker shows your progress. Some questions will be multiple choice, and some will require thoughtful written responses. We may even ask you to upload photos or a screenshot.

Make your voice heard

Because LookLook is sponsoring the study, we may publish choice verbatim quotes from your responses or screenshots that you share of luxury items or the types of brands you are considering. But we will never publish your last name or any other aspect of your identity.

And get a luxury gift!

Each time you participate in a study, you’ll receive a different gift in the mail and it will always be lovely. The estimated value will vary but always be ~$100.

Ready to get started?

  1. Register on our site
    First, you’ll be asked for your contact details and for some basic demographic info, including a selfie. Smile!
  2. Answer a few screening questions
    You’ll see the this study on your dashboard – click “I’m in!” to answer the questions and submit a few qualifying photos of recent luxury purchases.
  3. You might hear from us
    We’re all about human contact. If we have any additional questions, we’ll give you a call!
  4. If you’re accepted to the LookLook Luxury Collective
    We will send you an invitation inviting you to start the study. Don’t worry if you weren’t chosen – we might contact you for a future study!

If you want in on this, click the button below.