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Malinda Sanna

This month LookLook is launching the LUXURYVERSE®  China, an invite-only online forum for luxury buyers to congregate, chat with each other, and share insider secrets about whatever is relevant, buzzy, fresh and happening in the world of luxury.

What is luxury? It will be defined by however this group chooses to define it in this rapidly changing and turbulent landscape.

The most exhilarating part of our rapid growth over the past three years is that we have the most highly engaged network of luxury buyers in the world. It has emerged organically through studies we have conducted on behalf of the most important luxury brands, both global and local.

Although we are launching in China, the U.S. LuxuryVerse will soon follow. 

The group will include a wide range of ages, but all are buyers of luxury. Each is vetted by us through their proven luxury spending capability and luxury literacy.

Below are some of the types of queries we’ll be posting to the Collective:

What are your sources of inspiration for new RTW fashion looks?
What are the most exciting Chinese luxury brands (all categories)? What makes them exciting?
What is your favorite way to purchase luxury RTW now? 
Which splurges feel important and justified?
What jewelry are you wearing these days – everyday? To events?
Which luxury beauty brands are closest to your heart at the moment?
Have you used daigous in the past? What role do they serve now?

These “super buyers” will play an important role in determining what luxury becomes in the years to follow, as digitization, online communities, continued expansion of access points, heightened interest in global civic responsibility and the experiential side of luxury services transform what we understand luxury to be.

To receive updates on content to come, or to explore adding your questions to the survey, be in touch with us at

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