We are looking for: Michigan Homeowners to discuss appliance service plans

It’s easy to qualify! You simply need to: 

  • Be aged 25-70
  • Live in Michigan
  • Own your own home
  • Current customer of Consumers Energy
  • Be open to videotaping and screen recording your responses

Compensation: $200 Mastercard gift card

This study starts: Mid-September

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Our web-based conversation tool is easy to use on your computer, phone or tablet.

This is no boring focus group! You answer questions online – on your own time. Then, a real life human being reads your responses and asks you follow-up questions – it’s a personalized, 1:1 conversation! Once you answer the second round of questions, you get paid.

Answer at your own pace

You can answer questions when you have a chance, usually over a few days, up until the study deadline. A tracker shows your progress. Some questions will be multiple choice, and some will require thoughtful written responses. We may even ask you to upload photos or a video, or record yourself as you browse the web. If you get confused, your dedicated moderator is there to help.

Engage in deep conversation

This is where it gets fun… on a set day, a moderator will review your responses and ask follow-up questions that are personalized to your responses. It’s a deep conversation because we’re not interested in groupthink… we want to know how you think!

And get paid!

After you completely answer the follow-up questions, you’ll receive an online Mastercard gift card that you can use anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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