Shopping for Men’s Luxury Personal Care

We are looking for men who buy luxury skincare, fragrance, and even makeup – to talk to us about their shopping experiences and preferences.

When it comes to the luxury beauty market, men are important and becoming even more so! Brands are listening and want to understand how you think, shop and make decisions. Now is your chance to make your voice heard!

Does this sound like you?

  • You enjoy taking care of your appearance, and use skincare, scents and/or cosmetics to do so…. and whenever possible, you choose luxury beauty brands.
  • You aren’t afraid to speak your mind about how brands can do a better job of delivering amazing service, product that excites you, and experiences that are beyond the everyday.
  • You like taking fun, short polls and surveys.
  • Age 16+ and live in the US

Study Details:

We are looking for 100 men to complete a 20-minute online survey that pays $50.
10 applicants who demonstrate particular passion for the topic will be invited to participate in a more involved study that will includes an in-depth moderated discussion and a store visit, with $350 in compensation.  

What happens next?

  1. Register on our site
    First, you’ll be asked for your contact details and for some basic demographic info, including a selfie. Smile!
  2. Answer the screening questionnaire
    You’ll see the this study on your dashboard – click “I’m in!” to take the screening questionnaire.
  3. You might hear from us
    We’re all about human contact. If we have any questions, we’ll get in touch!
  4. Find out if you’ve been chosen…
    If you’re a fit, we will send you an invitation explaining how and when to start the survey.
    Don’t worry if you weren’t chosen – we may contact you for a future study!
  5. Want to know more about us?
    Browse our site to learn more about how we help brands understand what people think