Welcome to LookLook! We’re on the hunt for a select group of individuals to take part in a Luxury Collective that we are curating for a major French fashion House.

Does the following sound like you?

  • You respect and love the beauty and craftsmanship of luxury goods
  • You enjoy both in-person and online browsing for fashion
  • You spend (or are gifted) at least $10,000 on NEW luxury ready-to-wear clothing (this includes outerwear and t-shirts) per year
  • You spend (or are gifted) at least $2000 on a NEW luxury handbag at least once per year
  • You buy (or are gifted) fine jewelry costing at least $2500 at least once per year
  • You prefer luxury beauty and skin care and spend at least $1000 per year
  • You are comfortable sharing your very honest opinions about fashion, luxury, culture and your involvement in all of the above.

If so… we would LOVE you to apply!

As a member of The Collective, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in juicy monthly conversations about the hottest trends, luxurious experiences, and of course – fashion, jewelry, beauty, and more! 

Members are personally selected by the House and if you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll get  a $500 USD sign-on bonus and hand-selected monthly gifts from a variety of well-known luxury brands. Could be a Byredo candle one month, a handful of Hermès lip glosses the next, or flowers…we keep it fresh and fun.

The time commitment is about one hour per month. You’ll receive a link at the same time every month that opens up a new conversation – one month the chat could be about jewelry, the next month on beauty, etc. Sometimes the House may simply be curious about how you define femininity. You have complete flexibility to answer – we give you at least five days to do it when it’s fun for you.

We’re looking for discerning and passionate women with a unique perspective on the world. If you’re someone who loves luxury, staying ahead of the curve, and discovering new trends and experiences, we’d be thrilled to hear from you!

We are capping participation in The Collective, so if this sounds like fun to you, take 30 minutes to answer these easy questions (you can answer via video if you prefer to make it easier – we love video!).

Because you have been invited to apply, we’re going to send you $50 upon your completion of this initial step regardless of whether or not you are selected. (We will also likely invite you to other future studies for brands such as Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford, BMW and others.)

If you are selected, we’ll reserve your place in The Collective which will kick off July 1st and continue, monthly, until February 2024 (eight months total).

Our web-based conversation tool is easy to use on your computer, phone or tablet.

This is no boring focus group! You answer questions online – on your own time. Then, a real life human being reads your responses and asks you follow-up questions – it’s a personalized, 1:1 conversation!



Answer at your own pace

You can answer questions when you have a chance, usually over a few days, up until the deadline. A tracker shows your progress. Some questions will be multiple choice, and some will require thoughtful written responses. We may even ask you to upload photos or a video, or record yourself as you browse the web. If you get confused, your dedicated moderator is there to help.


Engage in deep conversation

This is where it gets fun… a moderator will review your responses and ask follow-up questions that are personalized to your responses. It’s a deep conversation because we’re not interested in groupthink… we want to know how you think!


And get paid!

In addition to your $500 sign on bonus, we’ll send you hand-selected monthly gifts from a variety of well-known luxury brands!


Ready to get started?

  1. Register on our site
    First, you’ll be asked for your contact details and for some basic demographic info, including a selfie. Smile!
  2. Submit your application
    Fill out the questionnaire and submit the requested photos. Feel free to share some of your responses on video!
  3. You’ll hear from us
    We’re all about human contact. If we have any questions, we’ll give you a call!
  4. If you’re accepted to the study…
    We’ll reserve your place in The Collective which will kick off July 1st and continue, monthly, until February 2024 (eight months total). Don’t worry if you weren’t chosen – we’ll still send you $50 to thank you for applying, and we might contact you for a future study!

If you’re interested in joining The Collective, click the button below.
After you enter your basic details and upload your selfie, you’ll be able to access the screening questionnaire.